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  •   Daniel's captivating artwork is influenced by pop culture and neo-expressionism. Inspirations are from Basquiat and Banksy.   Daniel pulls the viewer into his themes with emotion and eccentricity.  His striking compositions, draftsmanship, use of provocative themes, color and observation to detail allow him to create paintings with a unique and mystical quality. This is consistent throughout all his Colorblind art  and his Signature and Mister Velvet series.


Daniel Longo, a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist is influenced by neo-expressionism and pop culture. He captivates his audience by layering intense colors and depicting the everyday object uncommon. The boldly graphic compositions, alluring themes and observation to detail allow him to create works that are uniquely striking.

The Mr. Velvet series explores the daily life of a gentleman pirate and that of his counterpart, Mrs. Velvet. Using portraits, geometric patterns and repetition of the whimsical Mr. Velvet symbol, this series is an evolving body of work.  

Other collections are drawn from pop culture icons and inspirations to explore nature versus nurture and the impact these elements have on our daily lives. Daniel takes the notion of the portrait and brings it into a modern light.

Daniel was a professional snowboarder at 18 years old, sponsored by Solomon, Red Bull and Electric. He won the Premiers Award for 'Athlete of the Year" in British Columbia in 2010, and was ranked as a world class snowboarder, representing Canada on the Canadian National Snowboard Development Team (2008-2010). He competed in World Cups and US Open competitions in Canada, US, France, New Zealand, and to South Korea with the top snowboarders from around the world.  

As a young athlete, his artistic source of inspiration streams across his many travels. Between competitions, Daniel, a master of the art of being yourself, explored his artistic talent and designed t-shirts under his Colorblind label that sold in Toronto boutiques. The most recent apparel collection is a limited edition line of hand-painted clothing that are an extension of his artwork off a traditional canvas such as jean jackets, sweat shirts, t-shirts, shoes and bags.

As a self-taught artist, he went on to take classes at the Art Gallery of Ontario, sketching and graffiti workshops in both Toronto and Los Angeles.

His larger canvas pieces reside in condominium sales offices, a bespoke atelier and private collections within the Greater Toronto Area.

As a new and upcoming artist, Daniel Longo plans to exhibit his work across Canada and the US, as well as in private collections nationwide.

His work can be viewed by visiting and 


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